Trimble SX12

Trimble SX12 Scanning Total Station

The industry’s most innovative solution for surveying, engineering, and scanning professionals.

Swiftly document every feature of a land title survey with a powerful combination of high accuracy surveying and 26,000 points-per-second 3D scanning. Capture the location of boundaries, buildings, easements and site improvements in a seamless process.

Trimble SX12 features at a glance

SX10 Feature IconHigh accuracy total station, high quality scan data

1″ angular accuracy

1.5 mm scan range noise at 200 m

14 mm diameter EDM laser spot at 100 m

SX12 Feature Icon LaserVivid, eye-safe laser pointer

Green and focusable, this laser pointer is exceptionally small, bright, and still eye safe
3 mm diameter laser pointer spot at 50 m

SX10 Feature IconQuick data capture, even at long range

26.6 kHz scan measurement rate, up to 600 m

1.6 s total station measuring time in prism mode

1.2 s total station measuring time in DR mode

SX12 Feature Icon VisionSimple navigation and documentation with Trimble VISION™ camera system

Three integrated and calibrated cameras in the telescope


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