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Emesent Hovermap Payload Product


The versatile SLAM based mapper, making data capture fast and simple.

HoverMap was designed to provide an autonomous scanning solution in inaccessible areas. It is a rugged, light-weight mobile scanning unit that can be quickly mounted to a drone via its quick release mechanism. This allows you to collect data from the ground or from the air and automatically merge the data from both.

HoverMap acts as a safety bubble around your drone. It prevents any collisions from happening in tight places and helps it navigate around obstacles. It does this by processing Lidar information in real-time to produce 3D maps of its surroundings. Since HoverMap relies on Lidar information. You can fly in GPS-denied environments.

With HoverMap you can collect data fast and simply


Hovermap is lightweight, and yet robust enough to withstand the demands of environments such as underground mines. Made from a machined aircraft-grade aluminium frame combined with carbon fibre composite panelling, the Hovermap payload is light yet strong enough to support its rotating LiDAR while remaining stable in flight.

Hovermap Emesent

Hovermap™ HF1

Optimised for underground and vertical asset inspection.

Final Autonomy Levels
HF1 Data sheet

Hovermap™ VF1

Optimised for mapping horizontal assets and open areas.

HF1 Specs
HF1 Autonomy Specs
HF1 Physical Specs


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