Trimble Geo7X

Ready for anything
Be truly productive with the Trimble® Geo 7 series. No matter what gets in your way.

With Trimble Flightwave™ integrated remote measurement and Trimble Floodlight™ technology innovations the Geo 7X handheld allows more flexibility and enhances data collection productivity in difficult physical and challenging GNSS environments.

The Geo 7X drives improved field productivity no matter where you need to work.

Trimble Flightwave remote positioning technology
Easy and productive data capture of assets with remote measurement

Trimble Floodlight satellite shadow reduction technology
More positions and increased accuracy in tough environments

Maximize GNSS productivity and be ready for the future 
Track existing and planned GNSS constellations 

End-to-end data collection solution 
Flexible software options, to collect, process, and manage data

Eliminate physical barriers to field success 
Geo 7X handhelds offer two powerful technology innovations so you stay productive when the going gets tough. For times when occupying the position is simply not possible, smart mappers turn to Trimble Flightwave™ technology. Flightwave-enabled workflows easily integrate offset measurements from the Geo 7 rangefinder module directly with Trimble data collection software. Users can simply point and shoot to get the position, despite dangerous conditions or right-of-way challenges—saving time each day while getting previously impossible work done.Trimble Floodlight™ technology keeps you working when heavy overhead cover obstructs weak satellite signals. 

Smart data collection 
By providing compatibility with existing and planned GNSS constellations, the Geo 7X has the smarts to maximize productivity by delivering reliable GNSS tracking today and in the future.

Compatible with the breadth of Trimble GIS field and office software, the Geo 7X gives you flexible end-to-end data collection solutions and workflow choices. From the field-proven Trimble TerraSync™ and Positions™ software, to the customizable data collection workflows of Trimble TerraFlex™ software. Work productively, the way you want to. 

Everything you need to work
Better faster camera, greater processing power, and more—it’s all there to keep you working. Stay on target, no matter what, with the Trimble Geo 7 series.