Trimble Business Center v3.70

​A Powerful Geospatial Data Office Software Suite

​Trimble Business Center provides users with the capability to efficiently edit, process, and adjust geospatial data and create deliverables with confidence.

​Features introduced in Trimble Business Center include:

  • ​The ability to merge edited survey data from multiple TBC projects in a single master project
  • New Feature Definition Manager options to automatically skip above ground objects when creating surfaces
  • Easy toggling between Global and Local coordinates to simplify site calibration and more
  • GIS Module enhancements including the ability to get data along with schema from a geodatabase
  • CAD and Drafting enhancements including dynamic scale bars, new labelling options, and easy filet and chamfer operations
  • Automatic ground extraction from point clouds to get results faster
  • Spatial and random point cloud sampling for greater efficiency