Trimble Access 2016.01

Trimble Access 2016.01 now supports the Trimble TSC2 controller

Support for the Trimble TSC2 controller is now back due to popular demand. A significant number of customers requested access to the new features in Trimble Access 2016.00 release, and while the TSC2 platform is aging and does not perform as well as the TSC3, if you are not pushing the device to maximum capacity, for example using very large files, then performance it still acceptable. Trimble Access 2016.01 is the latest version of Trimble Access that can be installed on the TSC2 controller. 

Resolved Issues:

  • GNSS vertical offsets: An issue where GNSS vertical offsets were being applied outside the Measure points routine is now resolved. Vertical offsets defined in the Measure points are now only applied in an RTK survey when you measure Topo, Rapid and Compensated points from the Measure points screen. 
  • GPS UTC offset: An issue where the correct UTC offset was not always being applied to GPS times is now resolved. This was a display issue only.
  • Office use only attributes: An issue where "Office use only" attributes were not displayed correctly is now resolved. 
  • Configurable App keys: An issue where pressing the Configurable App keys on some controllers did not perform the configured action is now resolved.
  • Settings application errors:  You should no longer see an occasional application error when you use the arrow keys on the controller keyboard to move around the buttons in the Settings screen.

Contact your local salesman with any questions:

‚ÄčNorthern Utah: Troy Langston   (801) 531-6505
Southern Utah: Ryan Atkinson   (801) 531-6505
Northern Nevada: Jeff Flamini   (775) 359-6671
Southern Nevada: Bill Desjardins  (702) 220-6505