Large Format Preventative Maintenance Contracts

Monsen Engineering is proud to offer Preventative Maintenance Contracts on large format HP and Canon plotters!

Our 1 year Preventative Maintenance contracts include two scheduled service calls, performed by our manufacturer certified plotter technician, throughout the life of the contract. The cost of the contract covers all labor charges and mileage charges incurred by those calls. 

During each service call our technician will perform our "12 Point Inspection" which includes:
  • Cleaning the encoder strip
  • Ensure platen airflow
  • Inspect the belt
  • Clean the interior and exterior
  • Perform a printhead calibration
  • Perform an accuracy calibration
  • Run a test print to verify operation
  • Inspect ink delivery in tube assembly
  • Check the service station capacity
  • Gauge overall carriage health
  • Inspect overall trailing cable condition
  • Ensure carriage functions are operational
  • Ensure proper stand integrity 
Contact Connor for a Preventative Maintenance contract quote today! 800-821-0672

Connor Pascoe

Certified Large Format Service Tech